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Our Story

Water is the most essential natural resource needed to provide and sustain existence for all life forms. Frighteningly, portions of the world’s populations still do not have access to safe drinking water. There are many standards water has to pass in order to become safe for the public to consume; however, this does not necessarily mean that the water is free of contaminants. Propur® has made it simple to remove these added pollutants from the water you drink daily. Here at Propur®, we understand the importance of truly clean water. We have designed multiple products to help minimize contaminants found in your drinking water, whether that be for the home, travel or for preparedness.
Founded in 2011, our small Michigan company has been looking for ways to bring healthy drinking water to all corners of the earth. Our products are distributed internationally in order to provide purification to as many areas as possible.
Our vision
Propur® innovator Steve Steinway has a vision to transform our water filtration products utilizing the newest available technology. We strive to continually expand our filtering methods in order to bring the purest water to our customers. We are here to fight the fight against poor drinking standards and to create healthier water for those in need. Join us in our journey.
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